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Aug 25th, 2014
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Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos

Chihiro Yamazaki + Route 14 Band

A new-generation instrumental group. Route 14, who have produced music and musical events, and Chihiro Yamazaki a.k.a Anna,who plays trumpet in the well know brass band group "Tokyo Brass Style", have sold over 20,000 CDs during their indie era and now records with Universal Music Label. Their unique sound "Singing Instruments" comes from a fusion of Jazz, Classical, Rock and other styles. Within their first year of Live performances (2011), Chihiro Yamazaki was cast as the heroing of the live action movie "Rat". Live appearances include The Park Jazz Live Contest in Japan (Final Round) and Sumida Street Jazz Festival.Their soon to be released classic cover album "The Nutcracker/Tchaikovsky" party was at the Tenku Theatre with Tokyo Adachi city's. Chihiro Yamazaki + Route 14 Band is one of the most remarkable bands not only in Japan but world wide.

These guys played with us at the immortal Japan-nite show, and then a few months later gave us a call saying they were going to be in Canada and that they wanted to stop by for an encore show down here! We neglected to correct their geography and booked the show. Along with being seriously amazing musicians, they are great house guests and a lot of fun!

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