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Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos

Jimmy Riggs and the Projectile Style of Funk Nasty Freshness

Jimmy Riggs was an attempt on our part to go in a new direction. Rather than finding a hard hitting rock act, we decided to try out the dark and nebulous world of funk, and found an ally in the local mainstay of the funk/jazz scene. Bringing music you sway to rather than jumping to, Jimmy Riggs put together a set that involved a combination of themes from anime (including Lupin III and Cowboy Bebop), original music about anime, anime cons, and being a nerd, and a special fusion of Daft Punk and Mega Man. It took the rocker/raver anime audience a little while to figure out what to do, but by the end of the show it was pretty spiritual.

The band was formed in August of 2008 by guitarists Benjamin Fultz and Ryan Sullivan in Columbus, OH. Their idea was to form a jam band that focused intensely on melding every genre of music they could possibly play while maintaining a lyrical strength atypical to most jam bands. The music spans every genre, including funk, rock, hip hop, blues, jazz, metal, and disco. They began writing new material and immediately saw the need for a strong bassist. Eventually they found Alex Miller, who had been trained in Victor Wooten's expert class, and they knew the fit was perfect. Justin Higgins, a life-long drummer and songwriter was then added to the mix, and the band was complete. Jimmy Riggs got their start playing set breaks for Jahman Brahman at Oldfield's on High every Monday, until they landed a weekly three-hour Monday night gig at the Bier Stube. Once they began making some money from these shows, they invested in various lights, fog, and sound equipment in order to bring a new and unique show experience everywhere they go.

Dates Performed

  • 4-3-2010 - Armageddicon Victory

Jimmy Rigg's Website

Jimmy Rigg's Facebook Page

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