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Aug 25th, 2014
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Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos

The Protomen

The Protomen are a mighty ally in the great and glorious history of Anime Punch. We were the first anime convention to ever host them, and we have fought side by side many times. Every time they come to our shows they bring a heat and intensity that has yet to be paralleled, and we return in kind with wild moshing, crowd surfing, and energetically singing along.

Based out of Nashville, The Protomen have created the "rock and roll fable" that is Act I & 2. Based on the classic story of Light and Willy's construction of robots, Willy's descent into megalomania, and Lights struggle to dethrone him with his robotic sons Protoman and Megaman. Seeming like a flimsy premise, their works are far more than the sums of their parts, and each album is a musical experience that rivals the Who's seminal concept album "Tommy" in terms of storytelling, energy, and caliber of music.

Dates Performed

  • 3-31-07 - Armageddicon II - Featured Musical Act

  • 4-11-09 - Armageddicon IV - Featured Musical Act

  • 4-23-11 - Armageddicon 6 (six) - Featured Musical Act

  • 7-8-12 - @ Ruby Tuesday Live - AP Presents The Protomen - Photos

  • 12-22-12 - Armageddicon Revelations - Featured Musical Act

The Ministry of Truth

The Protomen's Facebook Page

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