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Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos

Jake stone garage

Jake stone garage, formed in 2002. With additions in 2004, of drummer Hideaki Iwanaka, and in 2011, bassist Tsukasa Nishi. Recording under A-CUE RECORDS, a.k.a. CREATIVE OFFICE CUE's music label, the stylish and dynamic guitar riff¯s, thunderous drum rythyms, accompanied by the overwhelming vocals will attract you to their style. Their latest album released in 2011 called "ROCKS"¯ shocked the market.With the new release, Jake stone garage played in RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2011 and BIG FIELD ESTIVAL in Korea.In October of 2011, Jake stone garage played as the headliner at Shibuya O-NEST in Tokyo.In the midst of their touring, they released their mini album "FEELS"¯ in Feb 2012. Their Youtube video of "Himitsu (Secret)" (the lead song of the mini album)¯ recorded 10,000+ number of views in it's first week. This gained them prominace on AIR-G (FM Hokkaido), and also with their first broadcast on MTV Japan. The 2012 national tour (in Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka) drew more fans. Heading back to Shibuya O-NEST in Tokyo, drew record crowds again. Produced by Motoaki Fukanuma of Mellowhead/ PLAGUES/ GHEEE. Drummer, Hideaki Iwanaka is also part of BORZOIQ (with Motoaki).

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