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Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos


The Hsu-Nami played out stage in 2008, and put on a show that borders on legendary. Not only did they bring their amazing sound to our show, but they also went above and beyond by learning some anime songs to mix into their regular set just for us! After an amazing powerhouse performance they invited the audience up on stage to rock out with them for the final song, nearly wrecking the place!

The Hsu-nami is an international renowned progressive rock band from the United States. The Hsu-nami, named after the frontman Jack Hsu, became known as the first "Progressive Erhu Rock" band in the world.
The Hsu-nami integrates an amplified "erhu", a two-string spike fiddle used in Chinese classical and folk music, into an instrumental progressive rock sound. Their music is marked by virtuosic erhu melodies and shredding licks, in place of vocals, as intertwined by heavy guitar riffs, tasteful guitar solos, funky rhythms, and metal-driven rock drumming. Part of the new-fusion rock movement, the Hsu-nami redefines the 1960s and 1970s fusion rock sound.

Dates Performed

  • 4-12-2008 - Armageddicon III

The Hsu-Nami's Website

The Hsu-Nami's Facebook Page

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