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Aug 25th, 2014
9pm - 2am

Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos


MC COOL WHIP was a part of our first Nerdcore tripple header and brought in lyrics about zombies, tech support, friendzones, and and other topics of interest!

MC COOL WHIP is a Nerdcore Hip-Hop Artist out of Strongsville, Ohio. His subject material would include songs about Helen Keller in space, the zombie apocalypse, dinosaurs, and bad game show experiences. With great stage banter and songs, he has been able to open for noticeable acts such as Vanilla Ice, Shwayze and MC Frontalot. MC COOL WHIP provides laughs and bobbing heads whenever he is up on stage rapping. MC COOL WHIP's new album entitled "COOL WHIP Recipes" is now available on Itunes!

Dates Performed

MC COOL WHIP's Website

MC COOL WHIP's Facebook Page

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