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Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos

Arc Impluse (Formerly "The Spoony Bards")

The Spoony Bards have been with us since the beginning, and in the early years of Punch it wouldn't be a con without them. They would play light music in the hallways, and their shows would go on for hours and hours. As the night went on their music would gain an intensity and shift from lobby music to harder and harder versions of rock and roll, which fed the increasing entropy of our late night party atmosphere, and may have contributed to the wild event we are today!

Arc Impulse combines its members' eclectic musical backgrounds to create a force of orchestra and synth video game rock. If you think you've seen them before, you probably have. From 2004-2010, they played throughout the United States as the Spoony Bards, sharing billboard space with the likes of The Protomen, Steve Conte, Super 8 Bit Brothers, Peelander Z, Lemon Demon, and Video Games Live. But it was time for a change. You may have seen them before, but you haven't heard them before. Prepare for battle.

Dates Performed

  • 3-31-2006 through 4-2-2006 The Armageddicon - Featured Musical Act

  • 3-30-2007 through 4-1-2007 Armageddicon II - Featured Musical Act

  • 4-11-2008 through 4-13-2008 Armageddicon III - Featured Musical Act

  • 4-10-2009 through 4-12-2009 Armageddicon IV - Featured Musical Act

  • 4-2-2010 through 4-4-2010 Armageddicon Victory - Featured Musical Act

Arc Impulse's Website

Arc Impulse's Facebook Page

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